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Use acting techniques to develop YOUR character on the stage of life.

Apply the lessons actors and improvisers learn, to control your body, mind, and emotions from the classroom to the boardroom 

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All Your Best Selves​


Acting is a learned skill

Use that skill to control your mind, emotions, and body in real-life circumstances

This book is about a new, yet old, approach to how we all engage with our mind, emotions and body. The old adage - art imitates life - is true. Learn how we can use the art of acting to step into the roles we want in life.

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All Your Best Selves


Wayne DuChateau


A breath of fresh air. In a time we really need it.

I think the single most important concept in the book is that acting is a ‘learned’ skill. I think that too many people have a belief that acting and the performing arts are much more reliant on natural talent than they really are. So the ways that people can use these techniques for their personal lives is not dependent on some predisposition, but on actually doing the work.

I think this book raises the idea that we are not preparing our children to actually live, just how to survive. Survival is important but with a little more effort we can teach them to experience life.

I have researched the use of tabletop RPGs, as a form of not only teaching and developing imagination, but as therapy. Many of the strategies and useful techniques are present in the book.

I love that this book has all of the necessary information in one, relatively short and easy easy to read, volume.

Alicia Shelley


Queen of Quit Blog - Beta Reader

Taylor does something unique by marrying well-established performing arts skills with everyday interactions and personas. He suggests that people should practice the former to elevate the latter instead of vice versa. It is a bold idea to use these techniques to teach empathy to those who either lack it or don't understand the nuance of social interaction! The concepts in this book have implications across a broad swath of society; in particular, job seekers could use the elements in the Intangible Toolbox to get ahead in business and life."

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I began acting on a dare.

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I'm J.J.R.Taylor - author, actor, former Marine, first-generation American and believe me, a bunch of other things.

I stumbled into acting on a dare. As I began working closely with other actors, began writing my own scripts, and honed my craft, I realized the power of acting skills to step into roles I wanted off the stage.

I'm glad I took the dare! And I know the tools and techniques of the actor and improviser will help you improve your life, whether it's on the stage, in the boardroom or on your first job interview.

All Your Best Selves

Want a real-life example of applying an acting technique?

Strong negotiators – real estate agents, salespeople, teachers, small business owners, parents, etc. – use inflection in their conversations to emphasize key points.

- For example, they softly say – intentionally, but almost without notice - a phrase so the listener feels more comfortable. Or, it makes the listener lean in to hear more of the conversation.

For some people, inflection comes natural. For others, it can be learned.

Inflection and why it’s useful in a conversation are taught in my book. Plus, much more.

How do you want to improve? What “role” do you want?

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