TBC Enterprises

           Mission Statement:


To reinvent capitalism by way of a culture engine.


"Our country won't go on forever, if we stay soft as we are now. There won't be any America—because some foreign soldiery will invade us and take our women and breed a hardier race."


                                                                                                           ~Lewis Burwell "Chesty" Puller

                                                                                                             Lt. Gen. USMC 1918-1955

                                                                                                             Most decorated Marine in U.S. Marine Corps History



    TBC Enterprises is an attempt to answer that challenge.


TBC Enterprises today

Just being honest, my business is currently more of an outhouse then enterprise, actually it's really just an idea with a location at the moment. I mean to build it myself brick by brick. My desire is to change the inner structure of the company. TBC Enterprises is an attempt to establish a company based around its 'employees' or members in a new way. All executive positions from lowest going up to CEO and Board of Directors, will be rotated in and out amongst members. Members will also be moved periodically around to all working aspects of the company to learn how everything works in that particular company, even down to the in house, member cleaning staff. Breeding members with the ability to change, to improvise, to adapt, to take charge, this is the goal of the company. What ever product we produce or service we rendered as a company will simply be the byproduct of a superior body of individuals working together as a common body.. Now, it is easily understood that one can not just come in off the street and run a company, which is what the education division will be designed for. There will be an in house education system taught in courses. Completion of a course will result in a perhaps a 5cent or 10cent raise per hour, to provide extra incentive to complete courses. Upon completion of certain blocks of courses the members will move up the education ladder on step pyramid block system, 'executive offices' or collateral duties, would open up to them as they do, up to CEO and Board of Directors as the progressed in completion of their courses. Pay would strictly be defined by the education scale, not by the collateral duty one member was holding at the time. Collateral duties would also be set to a rotating schedule, no elections, no back to back rotations if possible. It will be the responsibility of each member to climb the education ladder to allow for a broad pool of members to choose from.


Mine was the generation to straddle the advent of the internet. When I was a child I was told I could be anything but what was anything? What was everything? These are the many things I did not has access to as a child but as an adult, I can see clearly that this new internet has made life an open book test. Everything can be taught cheaply, the need to go off to university because that is where the knowledge is has finally died it's slow painful death. Knowledge is cheap enough to be called free. Instead of paying a few individuals in a company who come and go a greater portion, why not break that money up in a calculated way to build a greater body of members all of which not only can bear the mantle of leadership but also create a culture of camaraderie. I also firmly believe this model could go public creating a symbiotic relationship, the greatly equipped members in the company would, provide an overall stronger company for the investor. It would be like moving from building with sandstone, to concrete. One or even several members could leave while in key positions and likely not alter the flow of business as others already properly educated and/or experienced will simply move into those offices.

Brief History of the TBC

The idea was born on a sun soaked beach on the Carolina coastline in the spring of nineteen ninety-nine. Among handful of U.S. Marines that had taken in as much sun as they had in 'spirits', One, spoke the words that would give birth to this lasting idea of this TBC. In its infancy it was little more than a Jarhead social club, with the clubhouse being our barracks. As time passed our 'Club' reformed into a 'Corps' complete with a rank structure, command billets, and a UCTB, which was our Uniform Code written one sandy night on a double CAX. Shortly there after, there was an internal power struggle when a minor renegade faction covertly worked their way into the ranks and attempted an ill fated coup that was quickly repelled. Emboldened, the TBC's ranks grew even larger and began creating command billets overseas. Unfortunately, either taken notice by the growth or rowdiness, our actual Marine Command felt the need to intervene and take a look about our TBC and Finding nothing out of order our group was free to continue to persist and grow. Of this chapter of the TBC's history, there are pages of stories I can tell, and do tell in another personal work of mine, but here isn't the place. This chapter was a great and personal time, of my years in the Marine Corps, serving along side those who I loved and trusted and shared a great many wild and lasting memories with and the TBC being the greatest common one among them. Once my tour of service ended I was sure to keep a part of the TBC within me alive, though I didn't know how at first.


Once returned to the civilian world I kept hold of the idea of the TBC trying to figure out how I was going to grow it and what it was that I was actually trying to grow. I knew it would be a company, but I didn't know what kind. My first attempts on this personal venture were in the arena of miniatures. Taking 28mm to 32mm scale models, painting and converting them for resale, this would be the precursor to Earthshaker Conversions. At this time, Broken Hundred Productions, which would be the precursor to BlakByrd Entertainment and Dancing Lover writing services, was picking up speed with numerous works and productions being made and produced while based in Manhattan. After the success of Broken Hundred Production's run of “Two Tablespoons of Crazy”, the move was made to Athens, Alabama. It was out of the fog of the city that the business concept really began to take form and grow into the five current divisions all being formed under TBC Enterprises, LLC in November of 2015.



             The Birth of the TBC as excerpted from; “A Users Guide”:


                                                                      Never Trust a Female

                                                                               {Article 20}


It began as a see through, sun plagued idea lying amidst the sizzle and scorch. A small group of Marines were having a few cases while lying out on a sun scorned beach, among them would be One and Two. Thoughts began to soar about the mind as the sun continued its baking. The Icy cool feel of beer rushed down a parched throat, into the stomach below, round and round and round the intestines, through the liver and onto the kidneys, arriving promptly at the bladder and out the-

     I Gotta pee!

That would be Two.

Two foolishly rose up from his position without making any effort to see if the area was still clear. As he rose to his feet to look across that field of sand - he didn’t have time to blink.

          Get down!!!

Fortunately for Two, One was there to save his life. Drunk with adrenaline and quite a few beers, One with complete disregard for his own personal safety, jumped up and dove across three beach towels tackling Two to the ground. In this singularly heroic act, One saved his comrade from serious injury and/or possible death. His personal heroism, extraordinary valor, and inspirational supreme self-sacrifice reflected great credit upon himself and upheld the highest traditions of the TBC.

Which by the way, was about to be born.

Two was on the ground dazed, quite uncertain of anything they had just fallen into.

One had a hard look in his eyes when grabbed Two by the head.

          What the Hell are you doing!?!

Two still dazed looked back at him.

     I was gonna take a piss.

          Are you crazy!?! They’re everywhere; you can’t just walk through them!

Two still dazed, still looking back at him.


          Oh really! Then you just go head and try walking through ‘em, bub, they’ll tear you apart! Oh you’ll like it, you’ll probably love it. . . but it’ll be the last thing you ever love. Look at them. Damn Harpies, dancing all around, half naked, just waiting for their chance to snatch you up and

          devour you.

Two, still dazed and looking at the half naked harpies.

     What!? Who? Why!?

          Cause you’re TBC!

With that thought birthed out into the world of reality, the TBC was born. One explained that TBC members were a few cuts above the rest. TBC members were basically pieces of meat and women were the hungry jackals. So you see, it would have been suicide for, Two, to simply walk across that beach of broads; they would have torn the skin from his flesh, then sucked the flesh from his bone. One, being the natural leader he is, drew out his cigar and a rough plan on the sandy beach below. He devised a plan that got, Two, around the sentries, through the training courts, past the guards, and to the head. Thus, on the third day of April, in the year of our Lord nineteen hundred and ninety-nine did our First and Second Commandants, plan, execute and successfully complete the first amphibious assault landing of the TBC at Atlantic Beach, North Carolina while also establishing; the Tann ‘n’ Buff Club.

The successful operation moved Two so deeply that he shed a tear,


For Lord Admiral Nelson.