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All Your Best Selves​

How the performing Arts Toolkit Can Help You Thrive Anytime, Any Place, and with Anyone

Being human is a learned skill.


A common thread found in human failures, both personal and professional, is the soul-crushing feeling from lack of choices in the moment. People find themselves caught up in situations where so much is being asked of them; they don't know how to respond. We don't automatically see our choices. Our tendency is to see them in the unending painful regrets of all the what “could have” beens.


“We don't rise to the level of our expectations, we fall to the level of our training.”

                                                                       —Greek lyrical poet, Archilochus.


Those trained in the modern performing arts learn how to use real emotions in imaginary circumstances. How to develop a mindset to build character, theory of mind, and to live in the moment.


What if you could use these same skills to harness and develop your mind and emotions for the reality of everyday life? The techniques that make actors superstars on the stage can make you a superstar in life.


All Your Best Selves can help you to:

*Define and channel your emotions so that you actively control them

*Develop your character and presence of mind to take charge of any situation

*Discover the secret to examining each moment to live a rich and full life


J.J.R. Taylor is an accomplished multi-disciplined artist with decades of study and training. He has taken his unique insight to offer you a way to recreate yours.

You can read the introduction of the book for free on the Amazon website.

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About the cover:

I have been asked a lot about the cover art. To me it was a definite choice. I had many other options that were very good and professionally done. The problem was they looked like most every other book I saw that I would be competing against. It was more than that. I wanted my cover to be a piece of art in itself. The mind, the emotions, wrapped in an infinite dance of variables that burn the brain and bleed the heart. Our spirit, the core of us as a being is our art to create. Life is about what we can make of it in the time we are given. I wanted my book cover to reflect that by stopping the reader to contemplate what they are looking at before they even pick it up. I didn't want a cover that would sell, I wanted one that would make people think.


All Your Best Selves


Unique perspective on assuming different identities at will for both career and personal purposes.

I've never read a book that does what this one does - namely, it suggests that you can amplify your career and personal success by adopting different personas. These personas are guided by acting skills you may already have or are able to develop through practice. The Intangible Toolbox is a novel concept and I'm excited to apply it in my own life!


Loved this book!!!

I wish I had this book years ago. So very insightful, it brings together acting techniques with real life. Coming from an acting background, I have always wanted to communicate how important it is to apply the lessons from acting class to real life, real situations. This book does that in a very clear and eloquent way. Loved this book from beginning to end. A must have for actors and non-actors alike.


This book teaches you how to empower yourself.

This book came to me during a very difficult time. It helped me learn how to empower myself. We all are facing our own demons, covid and the challenges of life. I urge you ti find your light and peace through the teachings of this book and the performing arts.

A new perspective

I love this book! I had the pleasure of an electronic copy, which was dangerous for me because my boss caught me on my phone instead of working on more than one occasion. There is so much to take away from the perspective that this book provides and I found myself wishing for a paper copy just so I could highlight and bookmark things in the old-fashioned way. I just added the hard copy to my cart so I can display it on my bookshelf and have it for an easy reference! I'm a socially awkward person at the best of times and this book gave me some much needed guidance on how to prepare myself for the unexpected and be able to walk away from an encounter with my confidence still intact!



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